SOLAS Fire Fighting Requirement

The IMO regulation (SOLAS regulation 10.10.4) requires all new ships from 1st July 2014 to equip their firefighting teams with at least two intrinsically safe radios for critical fire fighter communications. Vessels built prior to 1st July 2014 need to comply to the new SOLAS regulations by 1 July 2018.

ADVANZTEC offers a comprehensive range of marine VHF and UHF intrinsically safe portables which comply with the new SOLAS regulations. The following options of Intrinsically Safe Radios are available:

  • ATEX Approved IIC - TP9000EX, ENTEL HT9XX
  • ATEX Approved IIB - Cobham Sailor SP-series
  • ATEX Approved IIA - Entel HT8XX
  • IECEx Approved IIA - Entel HT5xx
  • UL Approved TIA/FM - ICOM M88UL, MOTOROLA P6600i, GP328, GP340
  • SGS Approved - Standard Horizon HX400IS

As a major supplier of ATEX firefighter radios to Fire and Rescue organizations globally, Advanztec has an extensive selection of firefighter radio safety equipment complete with a full range of audio accessories appropriate to this application and radio. This includes a range of bone-conductive options that can fit easily with existing BAs. Should the customer demand radio communication with the use of integrated Breathing Apparatus, Advanztec can offer two market leading products from Draeger and Scott Safety that are approved on our ATEX certificate, providing peace of mind to the user that the whole solution, i.e. radio and the BA, is ATEX/UL approved and safe for use in hazardous environments.