• DTR DTR07 General Specifications

POC or Commonly known as Push-To-Talk Over Cellular has been around for years. With 2G, it was OK, with 2.5G it got better but it only starts to take off after 3G which looks more commercially viable. With today's 4G-LTE networks, things just got way much better. Lags are minimal from 0.5ms or lesser.

POC now gives businesses with users who need to travel a lot such as couriers, taxis, haulage and skip hire companies as ideal candidates for PoC technology, along with companies that have multiple sites spread out across large areas, such as a security firm patrolling multiple industrial estates or a retail firm with lots of outlets across the country that want them to stay connected.

  • 3G/4G-LTE Super Fast Speed
  • Android 4.4 OS
  • Voice Recording
  • One-To-One, One-to-All and Priority Calls
  • GPS Tracking via web platform
  • Bluetooth and Wifi support
  • Multimedia report to Company Base/HQ
  • Stun/Unstun over web platform
  • Unlimited number of groups
  • Touchscreen LCD Display
  • Non display terminal (Click Here)
  • ATEX Intrinsically Safe available Zone1 or Zone2 (Click Here)
  • Low SIM card subscription fee from StarHub

    Case Study (Security)

    A security company wanted coverage of an Entire campus in Singapore. They wanted the traditional LMR radios with repeaters but after looking at the costs of setting it up they went with POC Route. This in turn saved them time, costly cabling and saved a fortune. With Built-in GPS Tracking, the end user was able to track whereabouts of staff, sext multimedia files to control station of incidents or record videos as well


    Case Study (Manufacturing Plant)

    A manufacturing plant approached us for solutions. They were using traditional LMR radios but could not get the right coverage within the plant itself. They teated the DTR07 and loved it immediately. Again saving them a fortune and hassle of installing repeaters