DTR RPT10 VHF/UHF Full duplex mini two way radios repeater base station mobile radios repeater

Designed to expand the transmission range of walkie talkies or mobile radios, greatly improving your communication capabilities.

Full-duplex repeater allows simultaneous reception and transmission. Place the repeater at the highest point around the unobstructed to expand the transmission distance and range of walkie talkies.

CTCSS/DCS Encode and Decode can prevent other radios or other interfering signals from turning on the repeater and ensure a secure and private call.

Small and compact design make it easy for your to mount it to where you want to install it,ideal for cars of the moving fleet,forest,hills and so on


  • Full duplex VHF two way radios repeater can maximize the transmission distance and range of walkie talkies outdoors;Duplex mode allows transmission and reception to work simultaneously
  • Easy to operate and use;walkie talkies repeater is simple installation and flexible operation; you can operate it as fixed or mobile; Clear and color LCD display including TX and RX frequency; channel information; CTCSS/DCS and so on for convenient use
  • Compact and rugged radios repeater is resistant to falling and not easily damaged for Longer service life; two wheels and a hand strap to ensure that you can easily carry anywhere you want to go
  • High power radio repeater with the matching power adapter can work under DC12V~24V power; allow multiple working power options including AC power; vehicle power and power supply
  • Support PC programming;1 year warranty


Designed for simplicity and rapid deployment, every RPT10 Portable Repeater is shipped ready for use. The plug-and-play assembly with intuitive connections for power and antennas ensure a correct set-up every time, while the automatic power-on feature and absence of any user controls means that this repeater can be deployed by even the least technical person on your team.


The compact, rugged enclosure (with weatherproof power and antenna connections) protects the repeater electronics from the elements, so that you can deploy it anywhere, anytime, in any conditions.

Low Power Consumption

Extremely low standby power consumption means this repeater can run off of lightweight, portable battery packs that are easily deployed. This feature also makes RPT-10 repeaters a great choice for fixed solar applications, as smaller solar panels, and less batteries are required to keep it running…saving you money, hardware and installation hassles.

Remote On/Off:

Every RPT10 Portable Repeater comes standard with a DTMF decoder to remotely enable and disable the repeater for added power savings – a feature you would normally pay extra for with competing products.


  • Repeaters can be supplied programmed or un-programmed. If you’d like your repeater pre-programmed, you must have a valid frequency license. Please specify frequencies when ordering. If you do not have licensed frequencies, we can help with frequency licensing applications if required.

*To ensure proper compliance with IMDA requirements, repeaters cannot be pre-programmed with unlicensed frequencies.


Standard Packages Include:

  • 1X Repeater
  • 1X Charger
  • 1XPower Supply
  • 1XCar Charger Cable
  • 1XUser’s English Manual