The GP328 is the practical Two-Way radio solution for professionals who need to stay in contact. This practical radio increases productivity by streamlining your radio use.

GP328 / GP338 - Asia Pacific versions
GP329 / GP339 - Asia Pacific version (FM Approved or Normal)
GP329EX / GP339EX (Blue) - Asia Pacific version (ATEX approved)
GP340 - EU version (FM Approved or normal)
GP340EX - EU version (Discontinued - See GP329EX)


Unsurpassed Audio Quality

  • Equipped with Motorola 's special voice processing technology, X-PAND  and LLE, enables crisper, clearer and stronger audio quality, allowing you to keep communicating, even in noisy environment.

  • Smart Choices

  • Motorola ’s unique MDC signalling allows the transfer of data communications at the high-speed rate of 1200 bits per second.
  • The Forward error correction technology enables radio to receive message, like call alert and send out the PTT-ID even though the voice signal is too weak to be heard.
  • Expandable & easy to install in the field, by simply adding on option boards like voice storage board whenever your needs arise. The option board also allows up to 2 minutes of recording.
  • The plug-in mandown option board feature will trigger an emergency procedure in situations where the radio is horizontal or still for longer than a pre-programmed time. It is critical for radio users who work alone or in isolated environments.
  • The GP328 is certified by the US Factory Mutual standard intrinsically safe to operate in hazardous atmosphere.
  • The built-in voice-activated feature (VOX) enables users to transmit their message in a hands-free environment, without pressing the push-to-talk button.

  • Easy To Use

  • Switchable RF Power Levels: with one button, users can switch between high and low power with reference to their specific application to conserve battery life.
  • Tri-colour LED Battery Gauge indicates battery status with early warning on low battery strength.
  • Tone Tagging allows 8 different ringing tones to be assigned to 8 specific users/talkgroups making audio caller identification to these 8 groups possible.
  • Lightweight Lithium Ion battery option makes the radio one of the lightest in its range.

  • Performance Characteristics

  • Battery life (based on a 05 05 90 duty cycle)

    8 hours (High Power), 10 hours (Low Power) - With Standard Hi- Capacity NiMH battery

  • Frequency range

    136 - 174 MHz / 330 - 400 MHz (available in 16 channels only) / 403 - 470 MHz / 450 - 527 MHz

  • Power output

    5W - 136 - 174 MHz, 4W - 403 - 470 MHz, 450 - 527 MHz

  • Physical Characteristics

    • Keypad


    • Display

      No display

    • Emergency button


    • Weight (with standard battery)

      420gms (with standard NiMH battery)

    • Dimensions H x W x D (with standard battery)

      137 mm x 57.5 mm x 37.5 mm ( With Standard NiMH battery)

    • Available option board


    Radio Features

    • Signalling

      Quick Call II, DTMF, limited MDC1200, Select V (GP329/339)

    • Number of channels


    User Environment

    • Mil spec 810 C, 810 D, 810 E

    • Intrinsically safe - Yes

    • ATEX Approved - Yes (GP340EX, GP329EX, GP339EX)