The new NSR NEB2000 406 GPS Emergency Position Indication Radio Beacon(GPS EPIRB), is the latest contribution to NSR’s already comprehensive product range of wheelmark approved equipment.

    Totally sealed and with 2 years warranty are among some of the unique features NSR offers for this latest innovated EPIRB. The new NSR NEB2000 GPS Epirb is designed to meet IMO SOLAS requirement and is standard equipped with the latest GPS-technology. With this new NSR NEB2000 GPS Epirb, NSR is able to meet all segments of sailing vessels, from commercial vessels, fishing vessel and recreational boaters.

      - Designed to use for alert search and rescue service at sea. Confirming to IMO and IEC rules. 
    - Location accuracy within 10m, thanks to built-in GPS receiver used. 
    - Automatic release device activated underwater 4 meters. 
    - Self-protective device used to avoid possible false alarms. 
    - Self-test function applicable. 
    - Low-power-comsuption design applied to ensure 48+ hours continous operation. 
    - 406MHz transmission together with homing 121MHz. 
    - CCS type approval. 


    Case Material: Special ABS+PC 
    Color: Orange 
    Waterproof: =10 min (underwater 10m) 
    Buoyant: Yes 
    Deployment: Automatic hydrostatic release or Manual switch control 
    Accessories: Hydrostatic Release Unit (HRU) NHR-100 

    Weight: 1.35 kg 
    Height: 692 mm 
    Width: 116 mm 
    Antenna Length: 450 mm 

    406 MHz Transmitter 
    Frequency: 406.040MHz 
    Output Power: 5W ± 2dB 

    121.5 MHz Homer
    Frequency: 121.5MHz 
    Output Power: 50mW ± 3dB 

    GPS Receiver
    Type: Built-in GPS antenna 
    Center Frequency: L1-1575.42MHz 
    Channels: 50 

    Type: Lithium primary battery 
    Total Voltage Rating: 14.4 V (4ea x 3.6V each) 
    Operating: =48hrs. (-20?) 

    Operating Temperature: -20? ~ +55? 
    Storage Temperature: -30? ~ +70?


  • NEB2000C VDR Capsule
  • NBT400 Battery Kit
  • NHR100 Hydrostatic Release Unit (HRU) with Break Bolt