NSR NVR1000 Fixed Station Marine GMDSS VHF MED approved

The NSR NVR1000 Class A DSC GMDSS VHF is a ship borne radiotelephone on VHF FM and designed for marine mobile services which provides function of VHF radiotelephone and digital selective calling. It is to be met by provision of GMDSS required as 1988 GMDSS amendments to SOLAS 1974. 
It contains a VHF radio transceiver, a digital selective calling system and a dedicated digital selective calling receiver to comply with the ITU Radio Regulations, the performance standards developed by IMO and ITU. 


- Capable of voice communication and DSC (digital selective calling) facilities as well. 
- Fully meets GMDSS carriage requirements for SOLAS ships 
- Can be part of on board GMDSS package for vessels of A1, A2 or A3. 
- Output for (S)VDR is optionally available on the NSR NVR1000. 
- Quick access to CH16 key 
- MED / Wheelmark type approved. 
- Conforms to the regulations of ITU-R M.493-11, IEC 61097-7, IEC 61097-3, IEC 60945. 


- Display unit 1 
- Microphone 1 
- Power cable 2mtr 
- Data cable with DB9 connector 1 
- Accessories 1 
- Manual 1 


- NVC100 VDR connection kit 
- NPT100 printer 
- NVA100 whip antenna (2 pieces required) 
- External speaker