HYTERA HR106X repeater

The HR1068 has a smaller form factor, enhanced performance, remote management tools and enhanced functionality. It also provides a cost-effective solution to communication networks. Pair with other H Series devices (eg HM788, HP6, HP7) to maximise next generation DMR communication.
  • Channel Display
  • Simply Thin 1U Rack Mount Type, Installs into a Rack mount server or SUV Vehicle
  • Built-in PSU Power Supply Unit 100V ~ 220V
  • Ethernet Port - to connect to Other repeaters, application software for Messaging, AVL, Voice Dispatching
  • Flexible and connects to a variety of systems, work as a gateway and connect DMR radios to VoIP
  • Integrate to Router, SIP Gateway
  • Supports Web-Based management, simplyiying Network Structure
  • Supports Mixed Channel Mode Analog/Digital (Auto Detect)
  • Standard Version or Enhanced Version (Adds co-Processor board and Software Upgrade)
  • Enhanced Version adds SNMP V3 Authentication / Encryption

  • Frequency Band

    VHF 136 ~ 174 MHz
    UHF 400 ~ 470 MHz

  • TX/RX Modes

  • Analog / DMR Digital
  • Power Output

    5 ~ 50 Watts (Adjustable via software)

  • Number of Channels

    64 Channels

  • Standard Accessories included

  • DC Cable, Built-in Power Supply Unit
  • Optional Accessories

  • Mini or Full size Duplexer
  • Low Profile Antenna or Base Antenna
  • Desktop Microphone, Desktop Speaker
  • Approvals

  • FCC
  • IMDA - Pending
  • CE


  • HR1065 Standard, HR1065E (EU) Enhanced EU version
  • HR1068 =Standard, HR1068E (Enhanced) - APAC Version