SAILOR 6200 Series VHF Marine

Safety and efficiency at sea depend on superior communication, so professionals have for decades chosen SAILOR VHF. Now, the proven performance and unrivalled solid build quality that makes SAILOR the VHF choice for the discerning user have been passed on to the next generation, the SAILOR 6200 VHF series.

Advanztec - SAILOR SP3965 ATEX SOLAS Portable Radio

Based on the same foundation of high reliability

Ease of use and leading-edge functionality that has positioned SAILOR as the leading product in maritime communications, the SAILOR 6200 MF/HF DSC Class A offers much more than just a way to meet mandatory GMDSS require-ments. In addition to being part of the innovative SAILOR 6000 GMDSS series, it is an integral part of a vessels communication system and a crucial tool when in distress and rugged, reliable, easy to use communications are a must. The SAILOR 6200 MF/HF provides several unique features such as message replay functionality, and the ability to connect two control units. A highly efficient power amplifier with control hardware ensures high performance and reliable communi-cation in the marine bands from 1.6 to 30 MHz, and ensures constant and full output power on all ITU channels.

Advanztec - SAILOR SP3965 ATEX SOLAS Portable Radio

    SAILOR 6200 Series

    SAILOR 6000 - GMDSS A1 ~ A4 Versions
    SAILOR 6210 - Marine VHF
    SAILOR 6215 - Marine VHF - Class D DSC
    SAILOR 6216 - Marine VHF - Class D DSC (FCC)
    SAILOR 6217 - Marine VHF - Class D AIS Receiver
    SAILOR 6222 - Marine VHF - Class A DSC
    SAILOR 6248 - Marine VHF
    SAILOR 6248 - Marine VHF - Survival Craft

    Features Include:

    Full waterproof to IPx8 (submersible) and IPx6 (spray) all over Large easy-to-read display with red backlight and dimming High quality, powerful 6W loudspeaker 2 hand microphones/handsets 1 control speaker microphone Detachable hand microphones - front and rear SAILOR Replay function DW, Tri-watch and scanning Loudhailer functionality with talkback Foghorn functionality The robust, solid qualities of the SAILOR 6200 VHF series are apparent immediately. A large display with red backlight protects the user’s night vision and makes it easy to read the intuitive menu. The tactile feel of the buttons and wheelknobs makes the VHFs very easier to operate. The powerful 6W built in loudspeaker ensures good sound quality, even in noisy environments


    Play it Again

    The SAILOR 6200 VHF series feature the popular SAILOR Replay function, which constantly records the latest incoming messages. This function allows the user to clarify received information and ensures that it is not lost or ignored, if the user was occupied in other operations. Flexible Installation The SAILOR 6210 VHF and SAILOR 6215 VHF DSC Class D offer a very flexible installation. The waterproof design, covering the entire radio including hand microphone allows for open installations. The SAILOR 6200 VHFs can be operated by two extra handsets, hand microphones or one control speaker microphone. All are detachable and can be connected on both the front and the rear of the VHF. The VHF’s also allow for interfaces to external loudspeaker, loudhailer with talkback and foghorn and additional equipment that can enable even more features. With the SAILOR 6210 VHF and SAILOR 6215 VHF DSC Class D the new generation of SAILOR VHF is here. They are built on decades of history as the professional user’s choice. Designed with the user in mind, keeping focus on high value, performance, ease-of-use, connectivity functionality and build quality the SAILOR 6200 VHF series continues the long tradition of SAILOR VHF.